The state of California requires that a Cosmetology student must complete the above listed Course curriculum and 1600 clock hours of training in a board approved school, be 17 years of age or older, have completed 10th grade or higher, hold a valid social security card and picture ID and is not subject to denial pursuant to CA code 480(below). Board approved Proof of Training documentation, an application for the State Board exam and exam fees must be sent to the State Board. Upon successfully passing both the State Board Practical and Written portions of the exam with a 70% or higher the graduates will then be receive a California Cosmetology License. Cosmetology Licenses need to be renewed every 2 years by paying a fee and filling out renewal information on line or by mail.
480. (a) A board may deny a license regulated by this code on the grounds that the applicant has one of the following:
  1. Been convicted of a crime. A conviction within the meaning of this section means a plea or verdict of guilty or a conviction following a plea of nolo contendere. Any action which a board is permitted to take following the establishment of a conviction may be taken when the time for appeal has elapsed, or the judgment of conviction has been affirmed on appeal, or when an order granting probation is made suspending the imposition of sentence, irrespective of a subsequent order under the provisions of Section 1203.4 of the penal code.
  2. Done any act involving dishonesty, fraud or deceit with the intent to substantially benefit himself or another, or substantially injure another; or
  3. Done any act, which if done by licentiate of the business or profession in question, would be grounds for suspension or revocation of license. The board may deny a license pursuant to this subdivision only if the crime or act is substantially related to the qualifications, function or duties of the business or profession for which application is made.
  1. Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, no person shall be denied a license solely on the basis that he has been convicted of a felony if he has obtained a certificate of rehabilitation under Section 4852.01 and following of the Penal Code or that he has been convicted of a misdemeanor if he has met all applicable requirements of the criteria of rehabilitation developed by the board to evaluate the rehabilitation of a person when considering the denial of a license under subdivision (a) of section 482.
  2. A board may deny a license regulated by this code on the ground that the applicant knowingly made a false statement of fact required to be revealed in the application for such license
Cosmetology: Completion of 1600 clock hours, complete required technical instruction and practical operations, set forth by the state of California outlined in Curriculum for Cosmetology course mentioned above and the completion of Sutter Beauty College requirements which includes successful cumulative grade average of 70% or higher, complete assigned projects, 8 hours of Salon Management and Professionalism, 8 hrs. in reception desk, lab and marketing and fulfillment of all financial obligations.
A diploma will be issued after completion of course of study by the student.  A Proof of Training Document will be provided to the student. If any fees are due to Sutter Beauty College, your Proof of Training document may be withheld until fees are paid. This document is a necessary document for application for the State Board Exam. The Board of Cosmetology will issue a Cosmetology License upon passing the Examination.
Applicants interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology or a related field should consider all aspects of such a decision.  Persons who want to become a professional in the beauty industry must:
1.         Have finger dexterity and a sense of form and artistry.
2.         Enjoy dealing with the public and be able to follow client directions.
3.         Keep abreast of the latest fashions and beauty techniques.
4.         Work long hours while building a personal clientele in order to make the desired income.
5.         Make a strong commitment to the educational process and finish school.
6.         Learn business skills applicable to the desired position.
In addition, prospective students should be aware that:
1.         The work of a licensed professional in the cosmetology/beauty industry can be arduous and physically demanding because of long hours standing with hands at shoulder level, bending to work on all areas of the client’s head, bending to complete shampooing or other wet services, etc.  Estheticians will spend a significant amount of time standing to complete facial services and body treatments, waxing, or makeup services.  Nail technicians will spend long hours sitting at a nail technician's station.  Instructors will spend long hours standing while teaching and walking to monitor their classrooms / clinic areas.
2.         A personal investment may be required for advertising and promotions such as printing of business             cards or cooperative advertising.
3.         There will be exposure to various chemicals and fumes which may cause allergic reactions.
4.         The practice of safety and sanitation is essential for effective and successful performance within the industry.
5.         Methods of compensation vary and may include straight salary, salary plus commission, straight             commission, sliding scale commission, retail commission or independent contracting (renting         space and equipment from an existing salon).